The Alkaline Diet Plan Really Works

5-easy-alkaline-diet-sliderTo provide alkalinity to our body, we have to take alkaline foods to maintain the natural balance, as alkaline diets are essential for our body and it is proven truth that our body is slightly alkaline. If we fail to do so and the percentage of sharp increases in our body, we may have to face many diseases and other functional problems.

A diet plan is very necessary to make it sure that to maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the body we have to take the appropriate amount of alkaline foods. To keep our body healthy and in good working condition, we have to follow these plans which are so-called alkaline diet plans which contain different strategies and ingredients necessary for our body. This alkaline diet plan should be considered as the daily diet chart which contains foods and drinks of our use and the method to consume these foods.

The theory behind this aspect is that the normal pH of our body is between 7.35 to 7.45, that is slightly alkaline, so to keep this balance, we have to consume more alkaline foods than acidic foods. Everything we eat either produces an acid or alkali when digested inside our body. Due to the use of acidic foods, our body’s alkalinity level decreases and to maintains the balance we have to use alkaline minerals like potassium and calcium. For the proper functioning and growth of the body, we have to take these minerals along with the food to fulfill their deficiency in the body.

Although there are no solid medical proofs based on trials and experiments that ensure the usefulness of alkaline in our body, it is accepted that they have a good effect on the body. Conventional doctors, although do not believe the alkaline acid balance theory, but do believe that cutting down the usage of meat, salt, and other acidic foods are good for health. Scientifically, it is found that the risk of osteoporosis and kidney stones can be reduced by using fruits and vegetables which are rich in alkaline minerals.

If you are willing to start an alkaline food plan, do not start it without consulting your doctor, because in many cases, it is recommended to use this in a specific proportion or some cases, you cannot do this at all. For example, if you are suffering from kidney disease, most probably you cannot start an alkaline diet plan. Also, there are some cases if a person is on medication, starting an alkaline diet may affect the process, and could be harmful in some cases, so before initiating an alkaline diet plan, consult your doctor to take professional advice.

Now, moving towards the contents of the plan, keep in mind that natural foods are mostly alkaline in nature, not all, but most of them. So the proper amount of fruits and vegetables should be present in our diet plan. We have to make one thing sure that the above-mentioned foods are when canned or sugar coated, they become the source of acid. So the use of fresh foods is recommended. Also, you have to minimize the consumption of meat, salt, creams, ice creams, cheese, and milk. As these foods disturb the acid-alkaline balance because of their acidic behavior. In drinks, use lemon water, distilled water, vegetable and fresh fruit juices (not all, since some of them are acidic). And avoid coffee, tea, and especially soft drinks, they are highly acidic in nature. We must plan our diet in a ratio of 80 to 20, 80% of the alkaline foods and remaining should be acidic. Alkaline Diet cookbook