Parksville Massage Therapists On Continuing their Massage Therapy Education

Even practicing massage therapists in Parksville, BC with years of experience under their belts still need to stay updated on current massage therapy information, tips and ideas.  If you are a massage therapist with your own practice and have been out of the massage school loop for a while, keeping yourself refreshed on these topics may not always seem like a walk in the park without your massage school’s resources and your classmates to discuss with.  An alternative way to find answers to all of your ongoing massage therapy practice questions is to network with your massage therapist friends or contact a respected and trustworthy massage therapy master, that you can form a relationship with, and serve as each others massage mentors.  Whether the person you contact is senior or junior to you in the business is not important, every massage therapists in Parksville, BC with their own practice have faced many of the trials and tribulations that you have.

When consorting with a mentor take on a massage student attitude.  Make sure that you are paying close attention to what your mentor is saying because anything they say can potentially spark a valuable idea that you can employ at your practice.  Take notes on any inspirational thoughts or solutions to problems you may have in your practice and implement them as soon as you can.  “Don’t make the same mistake that someone else has already made.  Find someone who inspires you, helps you keep your energy levels high, provides tidbits for success, shares marketing experience and is willing to commit to meet [or discuss] regularly to do it.” With massage therapist careers projected to grow at a rate higher than for all other industries in the next few years especially in in Parksville, BC, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to find your perfect massage therapy mentor, so get out there!  If you are looking for practicing massage therapists as mentors in the Parksville, BC area visit our website for more information.  Search massage therapy Parksville to visit our website.